Guest Bloggers

Guest Blogger: Kyle of The Kopp Twins

La Revolution: a call on dads to step up.“Oh my god,” where the first words out of our doctors mouth, “there’s two in there.” In the hours that followed I picked my jaw up off the floor and stuffed my heart back in to my chest as I thought about …

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Guest Blogger: Melissa of Learning Mommy

I gave birth to twin boys at 26 weeks gestation. Doctors didn’t know whether they’d survive, but after months in the NICU and procedures and surgeries they made it and we got to bring them home. Life was manageable. At least that’s what I started telling people after a while. …

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Guest Blogger: Helen of Three Times the Giggles

We recently started something new in our house that has been a game-changer when it comes to reduced fighting and whining. We started a “Kid of the Day” program. Back when my babies were actually babies I remember some of the moms in my local triplet group talking about using …

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Guest Blogger: Kim of ChicagoNow

Race Against "The Day"My sons and I went running together over the weekend, just down to the lake and back. We've run together before over the years, though never quite this far. I keep telling them that before long, there will come the day when I won't be able to …

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