Guest Bloggers

Guest Blogger: Emily of Double Dootie

The Natural Fork I've come to the conclusion the twins were barbarians in a previous life. This would explain why Finn enjoys throwing his fork on the floor as soon as I hand it to him, or why Mirabelle would rather use her fingers to pick the food off the …

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Guest Blogger: Cori of Cori’s Big Mouth

How Do You Do It? Class and Activities that is! by: Cori of Cori’s Big Mouth [] Twitter: @cori_shelley Facebook:   How Do You Do It? A common question heard by parents and caregivers of multiples; one that I have had my share of during my career as a …

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Guest Blogger: Marissa of 4 Little Monkeys

"Your child is autistic. Make a follow up appointment for two months for now.” I’ll never forget those words. It was almost like a knife in the stomach for me. Christopher was 15 months old at the time. We took him to a neurologist bec...ause he had an abnormal MRI, …

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Guest Blogger: Dolli-Mama of Life Not Finished

“I Will Never”We were new in town, and new in church. I had a mischief-making two-year-old and was 24 weeks pregnant with twins. Everyone we introduced ourselves to gave us that look that says are-you-completely-bonkers when we told them of our offspring. Everyone except Jen.“I’ve got you beat.” She said. …

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