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Shopping Kids Consignment, Part 2

This is the second post in my series on Shopping Kids Consignment. I have recently become a consignment addict (sad really), and I know it can be quite intimidating. SO, I thought I would write a few posts about my thoughts on it to help you out. Here is the …

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Shopping Kids Consignment, Part 1

I am going to do a few (hopefully) informative posts about why you should shop consignment. As I have recently posted, I have become OBSESSED with shopping consignment sales. Hello, my name is Mandy, and I am addicted to Children's Consignment Sales. First off, you should know a little about …

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Julia of Pontifications of a Twin Mom

I don't claim to be a controversial person. Honestly, controversy makes me twitch uncomfortably. The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy article in the New York Times Magazine has sparked tons of controversy among the multiples community and the Christian community. If you don't know anything about the article, here's a quick summary: Any …

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Lisa of Twins Bash

A New Mom No More One morning when my nine-month old twins were napping, I found myself in a rare situation: bottles were cleaned, I was showered and fed, I wasn’t exhausted and I wasn’t dying to nap. This meant only one thing: I had time to surf the internet! …

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Janice of MommaWords

We chose to bank our twin’s umbilical cord blood. I am amazed that saving some blood from the birth process could some day, not only save my child’s life, but could also prevent a fellow family member from having to go through the bone marrow donation process. I understand that …

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Andrea of The Mays Twins

The very moment I knew...... My pregnancy was not the picture perfect experience I had always dreamt it to be. I had a hard time bonding with the two babies growing inside of me. I wondered what type of mother I would become? Especially if I wasn't that typical "glowing" …

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Nicole of Twins for the Show

Originally published on Motherhood Lesson Learned: Parenting will be different when raising twins By Nicole Carpenter ( I’ll never forget the day I lay in the doctor’s office staring at a black and white screen seeing not one but two little heartbeats. My husband and I already had a …

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An Artificially Awake Mom

Only Children, Raising Kids with Siblings My husband and I are only children. We grew up with cousins and friends around, but not only sibling among us. So when we contemplated having children, we knew we wanted our children to be just that; more than one. When we considered the …

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