Chaos 2 Calm

I think one thing that we, as parents of multiples, can all agree on is that organization is key to survival. Mother of identical twin girls, Tonia Tomlin, wrote the perfect book to help parents-to-be get organized, Chaos 2 Calm.  Chaos 2 Calm starts in the beginning when you first …

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Beyond Baby Talk

For 11 years, Beyond Baby Talk, has been the only book parents need to guide their children in learning effective communication skills - and now it is fully updated and revised. Authors Kenn Apel and Julie Masterson, experts in child language, take the mystery out of the developmental process with …

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I've featured klzart before and I truly love this Etsy shop.  Kelly's shop is full of the most adorable onezies, twinzies and tripzies! Her creations come in sizes NB-24 months for the onezies and 2T and up for the Twinz Teez. All of the shirts in this shop made with …

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