Catching My Breath and Savoring the Season

“Cherish each moment, as time passes so quickly,” I’ve heard countless times since my girls were born. In less than three [very short] years, I already couldn’t agree more.

And I’ve discovered that the pages seem to tick off the calendar even faster in the fall of the year. Halloween turns into Thanksgiving…then turkeys morph into holiday hams…the New Year’s fireworks never fail to startle me…and then our girls celebrate their birthday in early January.


Even with holidays completely aside, this time of year is made busy enough with coats, scarves, hats, and mittens…times two (or three or four)!

Since the first of the year, I’ve been participating in a link-up started by dollimama, 52 Weeks of ME! It’s a challenge, amid the constant requirements of parenthood, to step back, catch our breath, and do a little something for ourselves each week.

Some weeks I have managed to do something “big”…like get a pedicure, or buy myself a new sweater.

Many weeks, though, I’ve counted something smaller as “me” time…catching up with a friend on the phone, savoring my favorite cup of coffee, or going to bed early with a good book, leaving the laundry to be dealt with the next day.

It’s been a great way to encourage me to think about myself, appreciating even the little things that remind me who “I” am, apart from my 24/7 role as “Mama”.

With the hustle and bustle this time of year, it will be even more important for me to step back from the to-do list…to recharge…and to truly enjoy this great season.

I’ll be hosting the link-up on my blog, Twin Trials and Triumphs, each Friday for the remainder of the year.

I encourage you to remember to take some time for yourself each week (or every day if you can swing it!).

I invite you to link-up a blog post telling how you stopped to savor the season.

And I invite you to stop by and see how other mamas are keeping their groove going each week.

Now go do something for yourself! Or sit back and do nothing at all for a minute…that counts, too!


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  1. thank you for starting this mini movement, Amber 🙂

  2. I think that is such great advice and one of the hardest things to do. As a new mom to 4 month old twin boys I think this is the thing I am the worst at. I have learned how to juggle twins, being a wife, mom and student but I haven’t yet learned how to equally balance everything and allow time for myself. I also didn’t realize until recently how important that “me” time really is. I really need to start planning “me” time into my weekly routine. Thanks for the push and encouragement to do so.

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