Story of one mum with Twin Boys

When I found out we were going to have twins, many years ago, I had a strong feeling that whatever they were (boys or girls), they were the same. I just knew from the moment I first saw two little heart beats that there was not one boy and one girl. Call it mother’s intuition or whatever you will, but every part of me knew they were the same. Did you ever just know something about your babies? I would love to hear the story.

As the pregnancy progressed, people would ask what I was hoping for (boys, girls, one of each). Of course I replied that I was just hoping for two healthy babies in the end. And that is the honest truth, but secretly, deep down…..I wanted boys.

I wanted boys that Chris could take hunting and fishing. I wanted boys that would have me wrapped around their little fingers (which they totally do). I wanted boys that would love being outside, love camping, and love their momma. I also secretly wanted boys who could take the trash out and mow the grass. I wanted low maintenance boys that didn’t include costly hair bows and frilly dresses.

When the long awaited sonogram finally arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement. (I don’t know how those people who don’t find out can possibly manage.) With Chris by my side, the sonogram tech looked up at us and proudly announced that Baby A was a boy. I grinned from ear to ear. I told Chris that I knew we had two boys. He was still a little skeptical — not a firm believer in mother’s intuition. The sonogram tech quickly moved on to Baby B and confirmed that Baby B was also a boy. Two boys…Just what I wanted.

Skip forward four years. These boys are exactly what I wanted. They love to hunt, fish, trap, camp. They take out the trash (with a little help) and I haven’t had to buy (nor will I) a single costly hair bow. And the definitely have me wrapped around their fingers.

What I didn’t realize is I would be getting constant tackling from playing football in my living room. There would be body slamming each other down onto the floor and pouncing on brother until he cries “calf rope.” There is jumping head first from the top of the dresser to see if the batman cape really helps him fly. I was unaware of the constant need to shoot anyone or anything that moves in our house with a Nerf gun. No one is safe. Lego blocks become football fields and bathrooms become run through tunnels for the football team. Toy hammers become weapons of mass destruction. I didn’t realize my cherished knick-knacks would become shattered dust and that no picture is safe even if it hangs on the wall. They don’t do it on purpose, they are just rambunctious boys.

I didn’t realize how exhausting boys are.

“Mother’s of little boys work from son up until son down,” or so the quote goes. I’m not real sure about that. The boys go to bed around 8pm and I am usually still gluing back the broken item of the day. I awake at 5 am so I can do dishes, laundry, and clean the toilet (don’t get me started on little boys and the toilet). I go to work just to take a breather so I can do it all again when I get home.

…and just to let you in on another little secret…I wouldn’t have it any other way. My boys are adventurous and fun. They are creative and hysterical. I’m so glad that God gave me what I wanted.


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  1. I completely understand. I gave up on the toilet. At age 4, they learned how to take a clorox wipe and clean it up. The first time the oldest said “This is gross”. I replied “Yes, but it is your pee, you clean it up.” Now, at age 6, they have even learned to plunge a toilet. My philosophy “If you are old enough to plug it, you are old enough to plunge it” 🙂 I just try to enjoy them while they still like hugs and kisses.
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