Basic Invite: Stationery for Multiple Milestones

From baby showers to high school graduations and all of those stepping stones in between. As a parent of multiples, milestones are always right around the corner which means there is no shortage of celebrations in your life. The scenario usually looks something like this: you announce that you are expecting and before you know it you have a 2-year-old with one on the way and then that cycle repeats itself and you are all of a sudden a mother of multiples. The messy house, the constant carpooling, and the lack of naps (for us moms that is) seems to be everlasting, but that’s what it’s all about – raising our children and experiencing motherhood, family, and ultimately a full and satisfying life.

Yes, those examples may be the boring, tedious, sometimes frustrating parts of having multiples, but there is a silver lining in everything and for us moms – that is getting to be the party planner we’ve always wanted to be! With the baby showers, first birthdays, and graduations – you will finally get to fulfill your destiny as a party planner. Heck yeah!

And what does every party start with? Invitations. So, we went to the experts themselves over at Basic Invite and asked them to give us the scoop on all things stationery to help gear you up for the parties you’ll be throwing and the invitations you’ll be sending.

Basic Invite is an online stationery design company. They’ve been in the business of stationery for over a decade and have an ever growing selection of products and services to help make life a little bit easier and a lot more fun! Here’s what they offer.

Baby Shower Invitations

All the Stationery Products

Basic Invite has wedding stationery, personal and business stationery, and stationery for all things lifestyle including; baby shower invitations, birth announcements, first birthday invitations, and graduation announcements.

Colors Colors and More Colors

With over 180 colors you are able to customize any design to match any party theme or color scheme you can think of. Whether it’s Dr. Seuss first birthday invitations or school spirit graduation invitations you’ll find the perfect colors to mix and match!

baby shower invitation

Customized Samples

As moms we can be skeptical at times and we don’t want to fork over a chunk of change for something that may not turn out as we hope… that is why it’s so great that Basic Invite let’s customers order a sample of their exact piece of stationery before having to place their final order!

Colorful Peel and Seal Envelopes

The days of licking that nasty envelope glue is over! All of their envelopes are peel and seal for a quick and easy step to getting your stationery in the mail. You can even put your team of little ones to work – it’s that easy! Basic Invite has 40 different colored envelopes for an eye catching look and extra touch of detail.

Basic Invite currently has 15% off everything for all your party planning and stationery needs!Planning a party or have a graduation on the horizon? Head over to their site and grab code 15FF51 for checkout.

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