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Hey all, Amanda here! So let’s be honest, shall we? Once our little bundles of joy entered the world a giant monkey wrench went into our relationship with our spouse. Yes, 90% is from sleep deprivation, but what is the other 10%? Honestly in the beginning, and even to this day, I still can’t figure out what is going on. What happened to that happy couple in all the photos around my house? A fellow MoM recommended that I read “Babyproofing your marriage” and I laughed. My marriage doesn’t have problems! Why do I need to read a book about it? Yeah, yeah I do need to read a book on it. And I am so glad I read this book, I’m sure Scott is too 🙂
Stacie, Cathy and Julia cover pretty much every topic under the sun in this book. Now as a heads up the majority of this book is about people without multiples, but it still works. Also, the book looks at several perspectives (wife, husband and grandparents). I had no idea that I was “keeping score” with my husband and I’m sure he had no idea that I set up several “training weekends” for him. The book also talks about the struggles we all face with our in laws, you know what I’m talking about! It was nice to hear their perspective on everything.
Want to read this book too? Follow us, or let us know you follow us for one entry, tweet for another, blog for one more and leave us a comment with your funniest relationship moment! Have a great Wednesday MoM’s and Dad’s!

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  1. hey there … I’m a blog follower 🙂

    My favorite post baby relationship moment was back in the sleep deprived days when the babies were in a cosleeper next to the bed… one of them started crying and I was between my husband and the babies. He started patting me and saying “shhhhhh” to me, apparently thinking in his drowsy state that I was the fussy baby. He didn’t remember it when he woke up but then again neither of us were really ever sleeping OR awake at that phase so I don’t blame him!

  2. Good morning! Blog follower here.

    No funny story here – still sleep deprived to come up with anything (no seriously, the trips slept thru the night last night).

  3. Blog follower!

    That’s too funny about katy’s husband shushing her. My husband has shushed the monitor on more than one occassion! Haha!

  4. Follower!
    That is a funny story katy.

  5. Johanna Simpson Baker

    I’m a follower – I’ll have to back through my blog and pick out a good story. It is still too early in the morning for me to be witty on my own…

  6. I’m a follower….I would love to read a copy of this book.

  7. i have heard good things from this book. wow, funniest relationship moment since the babies were born. hmm…i am sure there are many, but i can’t recall any at the moment. chalk it up to mommy brain!

  8. following. I’ll have to think of a funny story.

  9. I am somewhat new to following this blog and I have fallen in love with it! It helps to know about all these other women (and men!) who have multiples have a lot of the same “problems” as I do! I feel horrible for my husband as I am still sleep deprived (even though they sleep through the night! I have insomnia!) and he gets the brunt of my frustration. If this book really helps out marriages, I am all game! I hate the fact that the divorce rate goes up so much for people with multiples. I can see why! It is stressful! I can not imagine my life without my husband so I pray he can stick with me through my moods!!

  10. One night I leaned over to kiss my DH goodnight and lovingly told him, “Mommy Loves You”! What??? Wow!!! Funny and sad at the same time! Then I caught myself kissing him on the cheek with rapid, little kisses, that I do to the triplets. He also tried to roll over in bed the other night and I scared him to death by jerking and grabbing his arm, afraid he was falling out of bed!!! Good Grief!!! We need this book!!!

  11. Was I suppose to say that I’m a follower? I am!!!

  12. Following…

  13. Here’s a funny story. Well, funny to my husband. Nearly 505 of the time that he changes diapers, they leak! He just cant figure out how to do it! And it is driving me bananas. See? I need this book!

  14. I’ve got your button on my blog. 🙂

  15. My funniest relationship moment? Hmmm…I’m so tired I can’t think of any! 😉
    I think I just have to laugh because EVERY TIME my husband helps by giving a bottle to one of the twins, he falls asleep. Every time. I’m not a betting woman, but I would bet my life savings on it! 🙂


  16. Follower also

    Would love a copy of this book. Maybe it would put some spice into our marriage!

  17. Hi there! I’m a blog follower, too.

    I don’t know if I have a very funny story…I know one of the babies started crying the other night, and I was giving it 5 minutes before rushing in. My Scott got up after 3 minutes, I snipped that I was GOING to get up in 5 minutes, and after he came back to bed I griped, “Don’t hold it against me that I didn’t get up, because I was GOING TO.” He asked, “Tracy, can you just let it go and go to sleep?” I did…for once. And he actually thanked me for it the next morning. Kinda funny.

    Is it just me, or does the sex life come to a screeching halt after having twins? I don’t like it, but I don’t have the energy to change it. Sigh.

  18. What a great book, I am sure we all do this to some extent. Funny relationship moment, first time we meet on a blind date and I opened the door, I kid you not he said “Wow” out loud!! I said thank you!

  19. What a wonderful giveaway!!! I need to learn to babyproof the grandparents, it in turn will help me babyproof our marriage. My DH is awesome. I guess one funny story is that once I got awakened in the middle of the night because my husband literally jumped over and threw himself over my side of the bed. Apparently he dreamt that one of our sons was falling off the bed. Another time, I woke up to him jumping up in bed and grabbing my ankle. Again, he dreamt that our son was falling. The irony is that our babies have never slept with us in bed!!! We just laugh together for he is my knight in shining armor…but apparently- I need to be wearing the armor to protect myself at night!

  20. I’m a follower and I have your button!

  21. I’m a follower. I have to think of a funny situation…I’m sure there are many!

  22. Um…yeah…could use this book!

  23. Im a follower

  24. One funny thing i can thing of is when we were sleeping he woke up and started telling me about our sons having a shoot out.

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