Spender? Or Saver?

Do you ever get sick of hearing your children repeat the words "I gotta have that" or "I wanna get that" over and over and over? Yeah...thought so.  We all do. I think we all tire of having to fight the "I want that" battle every time we enter a …

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One and Not the Other?

I have to admit it...I hate to admit it.  I learned something from Husband this month. The age requirements for Spring sports around here are weird.  Even though the cut-off for schools is September 1, the cut-off for baseball and t-ball is you have to be five by July 31.  …

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The Chrazies at Christmas…ding dong, the bells are ringing (and they’re making me NUTS)!

The bells...the dinging...the singing...the chimes...the merriment...make it stop!!! Christmas came early for the Chrazies and they are really making me work for this holiday cheer and marshmallow world nonsense!  Their attitudes and behavior are out of control.  I'm SURE it's just because of the copious holiday merriment they're provided every …

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And Then They Turned Against Me

I was lucky enough to get pregnant. Even luckier to have twins. Even more lucky to have boy/girl twins. "The best of both worlds," people would say. "The perfect family," they would gush. "You're all done!" they would exclaim. As the mother, I never believed these happy little comments.  I …

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Twins First?

Ever feel like you have no idea what you're doing? too.  All the time.  It was worse when they were babies, but we'll get to that in a minute. A little while after having the Crazies...when I finally felt like I was getting my act together, I realized that …

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Multiple Birthdays

The Crazies turn 4 on Saturday…I’ve accomplished more with these two in 4 years than I EVER did in 4 years of college (except that whole “getting an education”thing). I seriously can’t believe it’s been four years.  I’m getting old (it’s all about me, right?)! Anyway, I wanted to take …

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I Never (Multiples Version)

You know the game "I Never," right? Where you say the thing that you may or may not have done and people have to guess what is real and what you're lying about. Or maybe it's a drinking game where you have to drink if you've done what the person …

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