Tonya Staab

Crafting with Kids: 4th of July

For the 4th of July the kids and I made kaleidoscopes using paper towel and toilet paper rolls. What you will need: A toilet roll A paper towel roll Paint and a brush Mirrored paper (or you could use silver card stock or foil over card) A paper plate (or …

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Crafting with kids: A gift for dad

We’ve all seen the handmade Father’s Day crafts for kids to make. You know the ones, the popsicle stick and paper covered cans to hold pencils, the clay bowls for odds and ends and cards in the shape of ties. We decided to do something a little different this year. …

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Crafting with kids: Mother’s Day art

How about we do something a little different than the standard paper flowers that I’m sure a lot of us receive on Mother’s Day. I know I have quite a few in vases in my bedroom from previous years. Marisol and I decided to do a special mommy/daughter project together …

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Crafting with kids: Spring Memory Books

Creating memories for each season is something that I love to do with my children. Last year I found mini scrapbooks in the $1 section at Target and had the kids create their own Spring Book. They added stickers and drew pictures on each of the pages, creating what was …

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Crafting with kids: Spring Flowers

Spring is just around the corner. Here is a beautiful bouquet of straws flowers you can make with your kids. Items needed: Bendy straws Flower cookie cutter or stencil Assorted scrapbook paper – preferably card stock (this is a great way to use up scraps) Glue Stick Scissors To make: …

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