August Photo of the Month

Welcome to this months Photo of the Month! This month we are featuring some of your favorite photos, in a little bragging-rights only contest. Vote for your favorite 3 photos and we will announce the winner next week. Don’t forget to stop by the blogs of all of these cuties!


A bond that only a twin could understand


Born together, friends forever

T.A.Day in the Life…


Peek a Boo with Violet and Ruby


Our Little Cubs


Sweet Sisters


Out for a ride

Our Twintastic Country Life


 Double Trouble Hanging on a Tree Limb


From my front porch looking in


Nicolette & Leo


Barefoot kind of Momma


Twin kisses in the pool


Twin Trials and Triumphs


Personal space? No such thing, we’re twins!

Go Team Wood


3 Peas in a Pod

And Then There Were 4


Knox and Ryder on their 1st day of preschool


Didn’t get your submission in this month? No worries, look for the Photo of the Month post on the third Sunday of every month!

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