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P1000468My name is Lisa Devereaux and a mum to twin girls and older sister to identical twin sisters as well so lets say twins do run in the family! My twin girls were born in 2009 at 36 weeks. About a year after they were born I started blogging and found my way to a community over at Multiples and More. Here I found great articles and other blogs of multiple mums. Jump to 2015 and I now excitedly take over the banner and continue the opportunity to grow this blog and get creative again with some new ideas to connect with Parents of Multiples and the joy they bring.

So more about Lisa:  I am in my 30’s, live in Brisbane, Australia. This year, 2015 my girls now turn 5 and we are juggling our first year of new schedules and starting school. In my time off I enjoy internet marketing, geocaching and travelling! Looking forward to some new adventures with the family this year.

So Welcome! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments of concerns at lisa@multiplesandmore.com


Previous Founders

Started in 2009 by Amanda Nethero and Lani Lyons, we thought that it was about time we got together, and form a network, of families of multiples, and our friends who support us. Blogging is great for so many reasons, but the aspect of support that we gain from reading about others lives, learning from their experiences, and sharing our own is immeasurable. This led us to think- why not expand the “circle”, if you will, and create a blog network where people can connect with others that they would otherwise have never met, find families that have had similar experiences, and learn from those who have had different ones. We’re talking relevant articles, product reviews, featured bloggers, and lots of giveaways! Just consider us yourVirtual MoMs Club!

About Amanda:

Amanda Nethero is a 20 something  MoM of fraternal boy/girl twins that are 4 years old. She’s also the wife to an amazing Southern gentleman, Scott, who works in security.  Originally from Chicago, Amanda now lives outside of Orlando, FL, but sadly does not have the tan to prove it. Some of her favorite things to do with her family are check out the theme parks, go to the beach (with SPF 3000 at least), and cook. When she’s not running Multiples and More and all of the awesome opportunities that come with it, you can find her at Twice the Love…Half the Sleep, on Twitter (@amandanethero).

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Previous Contributors:

Moneywise MoM: Gina Lincicum is a busy mom to three kids–a 7-year-old son and 4-year-old identical twin girls–living in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington DC.

Multiples in the Kitchen: Steph, is the mama of twin girls Sophie and Sarah (born in 2007) and wife to the most hard-working IT Guy on the planet. She became a stay-at-home mom in 2010 after a 12-year career in Healthcare Data Analysis. These days she spend most of her time with her girls, as well as writing her blogs (about her girls) and The Silly Pearl (about her crafts…She love to sew, make jewelry, and craft with her girls). Recently, Steph started writing the Multiples in the Kitchen series about cooking with her girls, which has been so much fun. Look out for Steph’s posts the 2nd Thursday of each month!

Rebecca’s Corner: Rebecca is a 37-year old (oh, say it ain’t so!) mother of b/g twins that she’s affectionately dubbed “The Crazies.”  They went through IUI and IVF before getting lucky enough to get pregnant…and stay pregnant…for 38.5 weeks.  Rebecca thinks they’d still be in there if it were up to them!  Her blog is all about honesty and telling it like it is…a friend of hers once said that “honesty is my ONLY policy” and she has to agree with her.  Rebecca get through her days with the Crazies using humor and a touch of pinot grigio!  Hey, a girl’s gotta have something, right?  Come visit Rebecca and her family at thejoyofivf.blogspot.com if you’re in the mood for some true life (non-MTV style)!

Crafting with Mutliples: Tonya Staab is a mother to twins and a teenager.  She was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia and moved to California in 2003, when she married into the military.  She freelances in various creative fields and runs a blog www.tonyastaab.com where she shares craft tutorials, party planning tips, and recipes, and encourages parents to get their kids into the kitchen and explore the world around them.  Her creative ideas have been featured on websites such as iVillage, Lifetime Moms, Canadian Family and The Daily Meal.  She is also a meal planning writer for Blissfully Domestic, has spoken at Etsy’s headquarters regarding creative blogging, and has been published in the Triumphant Child, Guide To Raising Newborns. Mud puddles and glitter don’t scare her.

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