A Twinspiring Interview with Cheryl Lage

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Hey all, it’s Lisa here and Cheryl Lage author or Twinspiration recently contacted me again about her launch of her second edition to Twinspiration. So we went through the Multiples and More archives and found her original interview from 2009! As way of background here is her original interview as we prepare a new giveaway of the second edition book.

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  1. It’s been six years since the original interview, how old are your twins now and what have been your biggest joys and challenges as you parent teenage twins?

Wow, six years since the interview…and an amazing 10 years since the first edition of Twinspiration was released! Time truly does go by so quickly. Our twins are now FIFTEEN. They began high school—at different high schools (both public, and co-ed, long story!)—earlier this month. The joys and challenges of twin parenting don’t slow as twins grow, they’re simply different…and sometimes occur simultaneously. For instance, a joy? Our twins starting high school! The challenge? Our twins are starting high school! Early in our life parenting multiples, my husband coined “two and through” to describe experiences like those doubly challenged sleep-deprived days with two newborns, and the squalor of potty-training two toddlers. “Two and through” becomes less reassuring and more heart-wrenching when it comes to those high-impact, high-emotion milestones with multiples, some you don’t even realize until they’re gone…the last time at the mall soft-playground, the last time you picked them up and carried them together, the last day of elementary school.

  1. Do you have a favourite blog post to share from the past few years?

Hmmmm…that’s a tough one. We actually began the blog to document things we didn’t ever want to forget, and while some of my favorite posts are ones that create a sense of community and support for twin/multiple parents (a few of which have been included in the second edition of Twinspiration), my favorite posts are often very, very personal.

Here are a few:

  1. Why did you decide there was a need to create a second edition book?

With the success of the first edition, our amazing publisher (Taylor Trade Publishing) began asking us a few years back if we wanted to address a second edition. Amazingly/Flatteringly, we were even contacted by a few other publishers and agents with queries. As a family, we had some significant situations going on that mandated our full efforts and energies; we felt our focus needed to be whole-heartedly directed to addressing those issues. As those all thankfully resolved, we began to contemplate the idea of a second edition. To be honest, much of our philosophy—and certainly our experience—on parenting a pair remains the same; what has changed radically in the past decade is technology and the resources available to twins/multiples parents! All of those aspects have been revisited and revised. Additionally, via our former Twinsights.com support site and with the Twinfatuation blog, we had composed and collected some additional content and life experience we felt might be valuable to expecting and new twin parents. A new outline and proposal were presented to Taylor Trade, and they elected to go back to press! The e-friendships and camaraderie we gained via the first version of the book, as well as the blog, have been so bolstering and supportive. We’re excited to be able to connect with a new community of twin-blessed parents.

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(Here is the original Interview posted March 31, 2009)

Amanda here! I had the honor and privilege to interview Cheryl Lage this week. Are you sitting there right now going “Gosh that name is familiar!”.It probably is if you had twins. Cheryl is the author of Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year and Beyondwhich pretty much every mother of twins (maybe even fathers!) has read at some point. Twinspiration was the first book on twins that I read, in its entirety in a matter of hours. In all honesty it is the only book I’ve found that did not make having twins sound like the worst news you could have ever gotten. Here’s the exciting part (and we’re not even to the interview yet!) Cheryl is donating a signed copy to one lucky reader today!

 So Cheryl, where are you from?

Until recently I never gave too much thought to it, but I’ve never lived anywhere outside of Virginia! I grew up in what Virginians (and DC dwellers) call NoVA–a truncated version of Northern Virginia. Now, my husband Scott (who has lived in so many states you need two hands to count them) and our twins, Darren and Sarah live in Richmond, Virginia…the state’s capital.

How old are your twins?

Our twins are now seven and a half. Unbelievable. Seems like both yesterday and an eternity ago that they were in-utero!

What was your first reaction to finding out you were having twins?

Our tale of discovering we were expecting twins is a bit unusual…and two-fold. (Go figure!)

When we first went in for an OB-GYN visit to confirm our pregnancy beyond the pee-stick test, my doctor did an ultrasound. Having never been pregnant before, and abysmally unskilled at deciphering the images revealed, I was just busy trying to see what it was that actually meant we were expecting a baby. Our doctor, with his typical impeccable kindness said very gently something to the effect of “Now please don’t grieve, but what you see right here is a second sac. It seems as though your pregnancy began as a twin pregnancy but that second fertilized egg is being reabsorbed into your uterus. If we hadn’t done such an early peek (we were at 6 weeks), we’d have never known of its existence.” We’d never even entertained the possibility of more than one, so almost embarrassingly on this end of things, we most assuredly did not grieve!

We were thrilled by the assessment of one healthy flickering heartbeat, and went home elated.

Two weeks later, we went for another scheduled exam. Once again, the doctor performed an ultrasound. As soon as the image hit the screen, I will NEVER forget Scott asking, “What is THAT?” “That” was a second and equally healthy-looking flickering heartbeat. What the doctor had believed was “on the way out” was actually on the way “in!” We were thrilled by the assessment of two healthy, flickering heartbeats, and we went home shocked—and elated!

How would you describe your blog?

Surprisingly, that’s a toughie. http://Twinfatuation.blogspot.com began as a more personal, more maternally indulgent off-shoot of the twin family support site I’ve hosted since 2004, www.Twinsights.com. (See my horrifying tendency toward wordplay? 😉 ) Since Sarah and Darren’s birth, I’ve kept very meticulous written records of milestones, medical issues and the like…but as the kids got bigger, and funnier, and generally more communicative all around, it became obvious that every single day–usually multiple times a day–one or both of them did or said something worthy of remembrance. A blog makes it so very easy to document those otherwise too easily forgotten moments. To answer your question, the blog now feels like a shared diary. Thankfully, others share theirs with me…the blogging community is a blast!

How did you decide to write a book about life with twins?

The idea started when I first discovered two were “in there,” and went flying to Barnes and Noble with the intent to buy any and every book on twins pregnancy I could find! Thankfully, I scanned them first. YIPES! Of the very few books there were on the shelf, the bulk of them (as in all but one) were very, very negative in tone. Lots of “complications” talk. Lots of “you’ll be overwhelmed” talk. Lots of “they’ll never feel like individuals” talk. Granted, I wanted to be informed and aware, but saw nothing on twins pregnancy and that first year that felt even remotely positive—or personal. Plenty of medical books were there; but what I really wanted was one twin mom’s candid story of how she did it. Sounds super corny, but I wrote the one I had wanted when I was twin pregnant. That’s NOT to say that Twinspiration (oh, that wordplay again!) is meant to be a “Do it this way or suffer!” kind of book. Basically, it’s an honest account of what worked, and what didn’t in our family. If someone reads it and thinks, “Yeeegads! That woman is crazy; that would NEVER be the way I’d handle that situation,” that’s okay, too! If it gives a leaping point/awareness of what might be in a twin family’s future and causes the reader to anticipate how they might handle those twin family instances, it’s served its purpose.

What is the best advice you heard about raising children/twins?

When they were younger, a schedule was our God-send. Heck, we’re still on a fairly predictable schedule even now…especially when it comes to wake and bed times. Now that they are older, consistency—with both positive reinforcement and with whatever your designated consequences are for behavioral infractions. Stray and pay. As far as parenting twins is concerned, a big piece of advice I have is not to feel guilty for perceived “inequities.” Let each twin revel in their successes without feeling as though you have to “equalize” the other twin’s performance. They will each have their own gifts/talents. Don’t diminish them due to some sense of obligation to making things “fair.” Life isn’t! They will be okay when they don’t have parity in every aspect of their lives. Don’t get obsessive about how much time you spent with each child trying to make sure it’s the same, and self-condemning when it isn’t. The time will balance. Try to relax the pressures on yourself and enjoy your children. (Wow. What a “physician, heal thyself” piece of advice for myself!)

A big BIG thank you to Cheryl for being a part of opening week, and donating a copy of Twinspiration! Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win!

About Twinspiration

A hybrid of prescriptive “how-to” guidebook and intimate diary, Twinspiration recounts with unabashed personal detail the tribulations and triumphs of a twin pregnancy and first year of life with twins. Incorporating a conversational, humorous tone throughout, Cheryl Lage provides a double dose of user-friendly suggestions, real-life advice, and heartfelt empathy.

This updated and revised edition includes Q&A segments with readers, musings on life with growing multiples, and reflections on life beyond the first year.

Praise for Twinspiration:
“The perfect mix of practical tips and honest advice from a veteran twin mom, Twinspiration was truly indispensable during my pregnancy and early years with twins. It was my go-to guide when I was raising twins; it’s now my go-to gift for anyone expecting twins.”–Gloria Fallon, humorist and author

“I turned to Twinspiration time and time again during my pregnancy and first years as a mother of twins. Reading Cheryl Lage’s practical tips, reassuring advice, and funny anecdotes is like chatting with a big sister or best friend who’s been there, done that, and is rooting for you all the way.”–Jane Roper, author

“Mother of twins Darren and Sarah, Cheryl Lage uses humor, personal anecdotes and a friendly, conversational tone in her helpful book, Twinspiration. The host of the popular online twins website twinsights.com and a contributor to Twins™ Magazine, Lage provides insightful, honest advice and practical information for new and expecting parents of multiples.”– Twins™ Magazine

“[Cheryl’s] writing is beautifully done and the information was excellent. I wish such a resource had been available eight years ago when my girls were born. A book such as Twinspiration is needed out there for the common sense approach to raising twins, I think it will be well received. I would buy it and recommend it to future twin parent patients.”-Lora G. Christian, M.D., pediatrician

Cheryl Lage is a freelance writer/editor, a part-time video post-producer, and a full-time wife and mom. Her twin-centric family perspectives have appeared in a wide array of print, web, and broadcast media including: USAToday, Good Housekeeping, MSN.com, TWINS, Pregnancy, AmericanBaby.com, Parents.com, ePregnancy.com, Martha Stewart Living Radio, and People’s Celebrity Baby Blog. Learn more about Cheryl and her family by visiting her blog, Twinfatuation.com.

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