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Welcome to Pam’s Picks, where I will share some of my favorite products related to raising multiples. In my case, triplets.

Well, it’s July, and we’re in the thick of summer. I live in New Orleans, so it’s very hot and will be for the next two months at least. So I’ve got toys on my mind. Specifically, toys that will make going outside a little more enticing.

My mom bought the boys an early Christmas present this summer, a Little Tikes Inflatable Bouncer for the backyard. The boys call it the “jumpy”, and it’s super fun.



Big bouncy balls are always fun, too.


And blow-up pools (don’t forget the popsicles!)


Bubbles can keep my boys occupied for, well, okay, minutes. But for a two year old, that’s pretty good!


I found this fantastic little spill-proof bucket of bubble solution that comes with (how perfect!) three wands. I love that the wands have one tiny hoop, which makes bubble blowing that much easier, especially for kids that would rather lick the bubble solution off than blow bubbles.


Our sand and water table has been a huge hit with the boys, and me too. If they splash enough, they don’t need a bath!


We also have this single slide in our backyard that the boys like to slide down. But even better is sending Woody down!


What are your kids’ favorite summer toys?

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  1. Ooh! You've given me so many ideas for my little ones! Great pics!

  2. The bounce a gramma as my kiddos call it rocks, my friend owns one and we use it weekly her more daily! We learned too that if a certain 7 year old fills it with a bit of water(not the air pump part) it will still work!

    She also has a water table which I plan to buy in a shorter version for sitting but K LOVES it, and finding toys for a Visualy impared toddler that can entertain that long is hard!

    Though J absolutly HATES the water table/ bounce house/pool, she is happy to sit with the other baby's and eat to her hearts content!

  3. Kristin @ Intrepid Murmurings

    Holy Moly, that bouncy house looks terrific! My girls LOVE to jump jump jump. My girls also adore anything with water, including the water table, though a few tubs set out with water in them work equally well (sometimes they prefer it). Also, try handing them (old or cheap) paintbrushes (for housepainting, etc) and let them paint with water. The deck, the wall, the house, the chairs, etc. Fun times!

    One more thing we like to do — head to the elementary school playgrounds (if they are empty for the summer) and bring our bikes! Fenced, empty, with tons of pavement & playground. Woohoo!

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