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The Importance of Dad’s in Your Child’s Development


With Father's Day this upcoming Sunday and the recent Time Magazine cover that boasted the title "Are you Mom enough?" I thought it was time to do a post on Dad's and their relationships with their kids. Often times, in my opinion, Dad's seem to be on the back burner …

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Ready our Latest Interview by Twin Mom Mariam Barnes

Featured Twin Mom Blogger

A great part of of MultiplesandMore is discovering new Twin bloggers. This week I met Mariam Barnes who started Twinmom is a one stop shop for parents of twins. I remember when I was pregnant with my twins and would have loved to have had such a great resource …

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Managing childhood Apaxia in Twins: Healing Sophia and Olivia

Rainbow Road to Recovery

This week I met a courageous mum Nilissa and her beautiful 11-year-old twin daughters: Sophia Grave and Olivia Rose. Both girls have Apraxia, Central Auditory Processing Disorder and Sensory Processing disorder. As this is a forum and blog for all parents of multiples across for all around the world, I …

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How to Put Kids to Bed with Minimum Fuss

Hwo to put kids bed

Do you have some some great tips for helping get kids to fall asleep? After asking a few mums and dads, I have a feelings these tips will come in handy especially if you are lucky to have a babysitter on night. We know that some kids go to bed …

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No sleep, more sleep, less sleep, different sleep…

How to Sleep Train Twins

Training your twins or triplets or more how to sleep is one of the most biggest challenges for new parents. So while I was going through the Multiplesandmore blog archives I found this great little blog post from one or our past guest bloggers, Rebecca. This is something I definitely …

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Sanity Saving Tips for Parents of Multiples

Sanity Saving Tips for Parents

Are you familiar with the Amelia Bedelia book cover on which Amelia is running (and smiling) with perfectly rosy cheeks, a freshly baked pie in hand, her apron and shoes on, and even a cute hat on her head? (If not, see above!) She appears to have it all together …

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